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About Wye Training

Who we are

Founded on an ethos of life-long learning and drawing on over 30 years of experience of training, coaching, and facilitation, Wye Training specialises in helping people to unlock their potential by developing people skills that are essential to being successful in the workplace.

What we do

We use psychometric and behavioural tools, psychological models and recent breakthroughs in neuroscience to help people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Through experiential learning, participants discover and explore ways in which they can improve their personal effectiveness and bring the best of themselves to any situation.

Our solutions can be tailored to meet individual, team and organisational goals.

Why choose us?

Wye Training was founded by Giles Smith, an L&D professional, qualified teacher and licensed practitioner, with over 30 years of experience.

We specialise in helping individuals, teams and organisations improve their effectiveness through the development of essential people skills.

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The Greener Earth Project

We are also passionate about our environment, which is why we have partnered with The Greener Earth Project. Every time we deliver a workshop, a tree can be planted by this amazing charity. By supporting my small business, you are also supporting our natural world.

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Would you like to discuss your current challenges?

A 20-30 minute coaching conversation can help you to crystallise your thoughts and work out your next steps.

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