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Understand and Manage Your Emotions

Bring the best version of yourself to any situation

Workshop profile

This workshop is ideal for anyone that would like to gain a better understanding of how to manage their emotions at work.

The workshop can be adapted to suit the audience and the length of time we have got.

Here is what you can expect

We look at why we have unwanted thoughts and behaviours and how we can manage our emotions more effectively.

Using some simple models based on complex neuroscience, we explore:

  • How we interact with other people.
  • Why we respond to situations in a certain way.
  • How we can manage our own emotions and increase our effectiveness as a result.


  • Increases your self-awareness.
  • Helps you to manage unwanted or unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.
  • Builds resilience and improves wellbeing.
  • Provides organisations with a common language.

Practical applications

  • Working with colleagues, stakeholders and customers.
  • Managing workplace pressure and stress.
  • Dealing with complaints.
  • Handling difficult conversations and resolving conflict.