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Essential Negotiations Skills

Get a 'yes' without damaging relationships

Workshop profile

This workshop is ideal for anyone that would like to maintain a meaningful relationship with colleagues, customers, suppliers and stakeholders whilst negotiating for a fair outcome.

The workshop can be adapted to suit the audience and the length of time we have got.

Here is what you can expect

We cover the tools and techniques that can be used to negotiate a fair outcome.

Blending negotiation techniques with essential people skills, we explore:

  • Negotiation styles including the win-win approach.
  • The negotiation process and the value of preparation.
  • Seeing things from another person's perspective and avoiding negotiation based on 'position'.


  • Helps to resolve conflicts, issues and problems.
  • Strengthens relationships.
  • Boosts self-confidence.
  • Provides individuals with the skills needed to negotiate effectively with others.

Practical applications

  • Change management.
  • Leading and managing people.
  • Sales and customer service.