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Essential Coaching Skills

Help others reach their full potential

Workshop profile

This workshop is ideal for people that are in a leadership and management role or have responsibility for developing others.

The workshop can be adapted to suit the audience and the length of time we have got.

Here is what you can expect

We cover the essential skills required to be an effective coach and how this approach can be used to manage and develop team members.

Blending simple coaching models with essential people skills, we explore:

  • The concept of coaching, what it looks like and how it can benefit all parties.
  • The coaching process.
  • The skills required to coach successfully.

Benefits of coaching in the workplace

  • Increases self-confidence, autonomy and ownership.
  • Improves performance and job satisfaction.
  • Improves relationships.
  • Develops effective communication skills.
  • Leads to higher employee engagement.

Practical applications

  • Managing people.
  • Training and developing others.